How and where can I park in Vienna?

September 5, 2019
Short-term parking zones, residential parking and parking as a car sharing user in Vienna

Parking in cities often seems complicated and many drivers are never really sure. Especially if you are not traveling by car regularly, you don’t have to worry as much about the various parking systems and possible costs. This blog post creates clarity about general parking in Vienna and parking as a car sharing user.

Short-term parking zone

In the inner districts of Vienna, the so-called short-term parking zone applies. This means that cars can only stay in a certain parking space for a certain time. In the areas marked in red, the maximum parking time is 2 hours and in the blue areas 3 hours. If the short-term parking zone is disregarded, costs of € 36 are incurred. There are no parking costs outside of these zones.

Car sharing advantage:

As long as road traffic regulations permit, a car sharing car can be parked anywhere in Vienna without hesitation. The big advantage is that the short-term parking zone does not apply to car sharing vehicles. A car can be rented for a whole day and can be parked at any public car park without time limit.

Rental car / stationary car sharing:

A classic rental car or a private car would have to be moved every two or three hours and pay € 2.10 per hour.
Example of a businessman’s business trip: Assuming that the vehicle is driven for about 3 hours a day, the parking costs are € 16.80 per day.

Parking meter fee

Car sharing advantage:

Car sharing operators pay this fee at a flat rate. This means that with a car sharing car you never have to worry about paying the parking meter.

Attention: Exceptions are the stationary car sharing providers, which are tied to a fixed location. With these offers, the user must take care of the parking meter fee and also must pay attention to the short-term parking zones.

Tip: In order to avoid confusion or a bad awakening when receiving the parking penalty, these vehicles should better be regarded as a classic rental car, because they are also treated by the responsible control authorities.

Parkpickerl for residents

For people who live in the short-term parking zone there is the so-called parking sticker for residents. The “Parkpickerl” costs between 7.50 € – 10 € per month, which is about 25 cents a day. The short-term parking zone is canceled for the vehicle in the residential district. The vehicle can be parked in the residential area almost free of charge for an unlimited period. In all other districts, these cars have to pay the normal taxes of € 2.10 per hour and pay attention to the short-term parking regulations.

Residential zones:

For the comfort of the residents, the city of Vienna has set up certain zones, to which only residents of the respective district may park. This means that only cars with a parking ticket are allowed for this particular district.

Attention: All other vehicles will be towed. This incurs costs of 300€ and more.

There is often the misconception that car sharing cars can be parked free of charge in Vienna. Car sharing cars contribute a lot to the city’s income from parking. Each car sharing car pays 212€ per month in parking fees. That is 21-28 times a private car in the neighboring district.

Charging stations

You can now also end your trip at charging stations. This can save you from an annoying search for a parking space and make our service easier. You simply park the e-car at a public Wien Energie charging station and plug the charging cable into the car and then into the charging station. Then hold the charging card to the charging station. The card is in every ELOOP car. When the charging process has started, you can end your rental. Our service staff will then take care of unplugging the cars. Please make sure that your e-car does not have more than 50% battery when you plug it in.

As you can see, car sharing users have great advantages when parking in Vienna. It not only relieves you of parking fees, but also a lot of stress to find a compliant parking space in the first place. Register now and enjoy your ride to the end!

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