Our new subscription models

July 17, 2020
Enjoy a number of advantages with our subscriptions

We responded to customer feedback and after a few inquiries decided to create different subscription models. This should enable our users to benefit from various advantages and benefits.

Freemium, Premium, Ultimate – which one suits me?

There are three pricing models. The minutes / hours / daily prices vary depending on the subscription. In addition to our Freemium model for € 0 / month, there are the models Premium for € 8.90 / month and Ultimate for € 59.90 / month. With these two models, you benefit from reduced prices, free unlocks, more kilometers per trip and less deductible.

With the Premium and Ultimate subscription models, you not only save yourself the € 1 unlock each time, but also enjoy cheaper minute, hourly and daily prices. In addition, you have more km / trip included and pay significantly less for the additional kilometers than in the freemium tariff. The deductible is also reduced in the two subscriptions. While the deductible is € 1200 for the freemium subscription, it is only € 900 for the premium subscription and € 600 for the ultimate.

With the freemium tariff, you do not benefit from any discounts and benefits, but you can use the service at any time flexibly, without commitment and without additional costs.

Our service is designed for longer rents of several hours and days, so the decision to purchase a Premium or Ultimate subscription pays off, especially for multiple or longer journeys.

Some examples:

Anna makes 2x day-rents with the BMW i3 per month:
Freemium – 2 * 74.33 € + 2 * 1 € = 150.66 €
Premium – 2 * € 65.90 + € 8.90 = € 140.70

Paul makes 10x day-rents with the ED3 per month:
Premium – 10 * € 29.90 + € 8.90 = € 307.90
Ultimate – 10 * € 23.25 + € 59.90 = € 292.40

You can now simply select the premium tariff in the ELOOP app. The Ultimate tariff can currently only be selected on request, it is in beta.
More information: https://eloop.at/en/pricing/

Decide your advantage yourself!

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