ELOOP starts E-Car sharing in Vienna

August 5, 2019
ELOOP redefines car sharing and sets a milestone for a common future

It is not only important to offer the choice to move, cheaply and sustainable from A to B, but also to revolutionize individual mobility in Vienna and and raise awareness in the community. 
You can choose from Smart EQ, Smart ED3, BMW i3 and a Renault Zoe, depending on what you want and how much space you need.
We also think of an optimized model in terms of price. You do not need to decide in advance how long you are gonna use an e-car. The price switches automatically to the cheaper price bracket. The same applies to the daily price.

ELOOP is not about bringing another app-based car rental to the market. We have made it our business to share common values. Simply sharing. In addition to the already known environmental awareness, this also means creating a new awareness of property. Although it is not necessary to have your own car in the city, you should not necessarily forego the advantages that it brings. And this is where ELOOP starts its car sharing.

With the help of a blockchain model, the opportunity should be given to actively participate, invest and benefit instead of just renting a car. Together we can break up systems, improve, and add value. Without any losses. If a few question marks have now appeared, we recommend that you read the last blog post and learn more about our idea.

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