Our climate protection goals and partnership with Klimaaktiv

March 4, 2019
About our climate protection goals and Co2

Klimaaktiv is the climate protection initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT). https://www.klimaaktiv.at/

No CO2

Caroo only uses e-cars that are charged with green electricity. As a result, no CO2 is generated during the conversion of energy into electricity and while driving. A vehicle with an internal combustion engine will never be included in the fleet. These factors have convinced Klimaaktiv to accept Caroo as a partner.

Saving nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and energy

As part of the Klimaaktiv mobil initiative, Caroo, in cooperation with Herry Consult, has calculated the following savings potential. It is an observation period of three years with 50 electric cars. As the fleet grows, the savings will be significantly higher.

Caroo savings:
844 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide)
2,313 kg NOx (nitrogen oxides)
56 kilograms of particles
3,213 MWh of energy

Caroo makes an active contribution to climate protection in Austria and to the health of Viennese citizens by conserving resources through car sharing and by reducing emissions with the help of e-cars. Diesel driving bans and car sharing-laws, as already approved in Germany, would further strengthen Caroo’s business model. It is anticipated that similar laws will follow in Austria and across Europe.

German Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt: “Carsharing is very trendy, is very popular and has great growth potential. We want to make car sharing even more dynamic. This means that we create additional advantages for carsharing cars and thus particularly promote this form of mobility. “


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