Is car sharing a competition for the public transport?

November 20, 2019
Reasonable car sharing instead of replacing public transport

The (reasonable) use of car sharing in urban areas is often questioned. Due to the well-established public transport network in Vienna, one would see no use and necessity of car sharing in the city. We all agree that normally, a person living in Vienna can get around in the best possible way using environmentally friendly public transport.

An environmentally friendly addition

Electric car sharing is not intended to replace the usual and everyday routes, it is rather an environmentally friendly option to rent a car depending on the situation. For people who do not have a car, this is a pleasant alternative to make longer journeys, heavy transports or trips. It is ultimately a rental car that can be parked almost anywhere in Vienna free of charge. After your trip the vehicle can be parked in the entire home zone. A rental car with a number of advantages, so to speak.

In addition to all these positive aspects, the main factor that distinguishes ELOOP from all other casharing providers is clear – our cars are 100% electric with green electricity. Another decisive factor is that we don’t see our home zone as a (single) operational area, but rather as an extended rental car parking space. Our tariff model is also designed for longer rentals of several hours and days.

The golden mean

So our service lies between the well-known car sharing and car rental providers. While most car sharing trips take 20-30 minutes and a rental car usually only pays off after at least 2 days, we position ourselves exactly in between – in the golden middle. We do not want ELOOP cars to replace public transport, but see ourselves as an environmentally friendly addition to Viennas public transport system.

Thanks to the well-developed public transport network, many Viennese relinquish a own car. We are committed to this positive development. With our service we want to support those who do not have a car and need one depending on the situation.

Therefore, car sharing shouldn’t be a convenient alternative to public transport, but an addition to environmentally friendly mobility.

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