Let’s improve mobility together

ELOOP is a Vienna based start up with the focus on green mobility solutions and environmental protection. We have the vision to change the way how people get around in urban areas and take the sharing economy to the next level.


Clogged cities, noise and exhaust fumes are the downside of individual mobility in most European cities. Especially in those where privately owned combustion cars are still the primary means of transportation. Metropolitans experience these disadvantages every day. In addition to the easily noticeable impact, such as traffic jams and smells, there are also those that will haunt us in the future e.g. climate catastrophes boosted by the enormous CO2 emissions or deadly diseases caused by the fine dust. Initiatives like the Paris Climate Agreement address this problem and define emission limits, so that a life worth living can still be guaranteed. In order to make this reality, the people, the companies and governmental institutions have to work together and take actions now. The time is running, now it's up to us.

How do we improve mobility?

We rely on a combination of different concepts and technologies to create a unique environmental friendly urban mobility concept.
  • User with BMW i3 in the nature

Car Sharing

A private car costs over 500 € per month, ties a lot of resources and is not even used one hour day. The majority of private cars have combustion engines and they block plenty of space (especially in cities). All these downsides can be outweighed with car sharing concept of ELOOP.


Thanks to the power of blockchain applications, ELOOP will be the first “real” car sharing provider worldwide. The term “real” sharing means that not only a product or service is shared with the community but also the revenue. To realize this new sharing approach we have tokenized our fleet and are now offering the ELOOP ONE token in a public sale.

Air Quality Data

Even a car sharing vehicle is not in use all the time. To generate the greatest added value of our fleet we equipped it mobile sensors to measure the air quality in the city. This enables us to monitor and evaluate the air pollution and environmental data in real time.
  • We use emission-free electric vehicles only.
  • We maximize the utilization by allowing car rents from several minutes up to several weeks
  • We created a pricing algorithm that ensures that users will always pay the cheapest possible price
  • We rely on different car brands and models

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