The ELOOP Team

ELOOP is an independent start-up founded in August 2017 by four vienna locals. Unlike many other carsharing providers, ELOOP is not an OEM or another large corporation.

Until early 2019 company was know as 'Caroo'. Under the old name, the start-up has raised € 330k from 220 investors in a crowdinvesting campaign.
In the meantime, ELOOP has received numerous grants and pulled other investors on board. In addition, a cooperation was made with 'Wien Energie'. In June 2019 the E-Carsahirng service launched for the public.

Founding Team

Leroy Hofer

Leroy Hofer,

Nico Prugger

Nico Prugger,

Frederic Nachbauer

Frederic Nachbauer,

Elias Önder

Elias Önder,

Marketing Advisor & Co-Founder


Max Schalkhammer

Max Schalkhammer,

Kathrin Figerl

Kathrin Figerl,

Head of Content Marketing
Philipp Zach

Philipp Zach,

Head of Growth Marketing
Aleksandar Hadzhiyski

Aleksandar Hadzhiyski,

Software Development
Katharina Lutter

Katharina Lutter,

Brand Advisor
Robert Nagel

Robert Nagel,

UX/UI, Web Dev.

Partners & Advisors

Andreas Ivanschitz

Andreas Ivanschitz,

Heinz Weber

Heinz Weber,

Werner Egger

Werner Egger,


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